Learn 2 Surf!

We have 6 Surfboards:

  • 8'8 Soft Top Foam Gold Coast Heritage Surfboards 

  • High Performance Foam Surfboard

  • CrocSkin Foam Deck

  • Double Concave Bottom Deck 

  • 3 Stringers

  • & GoPro Mount.

 At 104” long x 23” wide x 3.25” thick, the 8'8 Heritage is the perfect Longboard Soft-Top Surfboard for catching waves.

We can work with any surf level! We teach to experience and coach each individual.


Instruction Covers Basic:

  • Tides/ Charts (Ebb & Flo) 

  • Rip Currents/ Side Currents 

  • Waves 

  • Ocean Floor Topography

  • Sand Bar Breaks

  • Reef Breaks

  • Surf Etiquette

  • Board Types

  • Natural Position 

  • Basic TCCC/ First-Aid

  • Surfing Fundamentals & Application Session

Adult/ Child Surf Lesson Packages

2 1/2 Hour Lesson/ Session

  • $250.00 p/ person (Individual Lesson)

  • ​$225.00 p/ person (Group of Two)

  • $200.00 p/ person/ (Group of Four)

  • $175.00 p/ person/(Group of Six)


 All Classes Cover:

  1. 1 hour classroom instruction.

  2. 1 1/2 hour Surf Session​.

  3. Or as long as it takes...Time is relative when you're Surfing!!!

Kids Packages Available!

2 1/2 Hour Lesson/ Session

  • $300.00 p/ child (1-3 Kids)

  • $250.00 p/ child (4-6 Kids)

All Classes Cover:

  1. 1 hour classroom instruction.

  2. 1 1/2 hour Surf Session​.

  3. Or as long as it takes...Time is relative when you're Surfing!!!

We provide classroom/ beach instruction, surfboards, leash's, location and fun!

Nicaragua Guided Tour & Surf Package:

1     - Night in Managua at Camino Real Hotel (Arrival Day)

2     - Days/ Nights in San Juan Del Sur at Hotel Colonial (Surf/ Tour)

2/3  - Days/ Nights in Veracruz at La Casa  (SURF THE PLAYGROUNDS!)

1     - Day/ Night in Granada at Hotel Plaza Colon (Tour)

1     - Day/ Night in Managua at Camino Real Hotel (Departure Day)

We taylor packages based off client expectations. With your feed back and chief objective we can build the ultimate Guided Tour Package to Nicaragua.

Thanks! Message sent.

Surf Sherpa


Our Surf Sherpa service focus is on our clients' most critical issues & travel concerns. Your personal guide will be by your side as you navigate the country.

We work strategy, safety, information and technology across all industries and geographies to build your travel package. Our fun approach to work and love for what we do is bringing our success to our clients.



Surfer Labor Consulting is a different type of consulting service. We have some of the best

industry experts and offer unique access to

specialist expertise operating in permissive

and non-permissive high threat locations.

Our solutions and objectives based on industry

knowledge and SOF Operational experience. 



We at Surfer Labor are expert planners and strategists, helping our clients with their most

complex strategic challenges and build tailored

travel solutions to help them achieve a sustained experience.

We start by helping our clients choose where to focus in order to get the most out of their trip. 100% Success 100% of the time!

We are now proud to offer our complete line of CBD oil, Hemp Infused Skin Care and CBD Infused Supplement products.

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